Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Healthy Habits: Healthy Wealthy WOW!

 SiriusXM talk show host and mother of three, Kim Power Stilson, is selecting Ambassador for the Healthy Wealthy WOW! healthy living training program created to help others live their WOW! life. New Healthy Wealthy WOW! program, created after Kim survived a serious illness and a near death experience, focuses giving back with a powerful combination of healthy living mindset, skillset and toolset training by Champions and talents of Ambassadors.
While working 4 jobs, Kim Power Stilson, 51, SiriusXM Talk Radio host, and mother of 3, was diagnosed with a serious illness that would have devastated her and her family if she hadn’t been mentored by friends to change her life.  These friends, Kim calls Champions in her new book “Healthy Wealthy Wow!, taught her healthy living strategies – Mindset, Skillset, and Toolset – and the healthy sharing practices she used and shared to create an income that paid her while she was battling the illness and unable to work. The healthy living strategies her Champions taught were crucial in supporting optimal strength, energy, immunity, sleep, and emotional well-being. Once Kim overcame her illness and was able to live what she calls a “WOW! life” she wanted to share what she learned with others.  She asked her Champions to help her help others and together they created the Healthy Wealthy Wow! program. They are selecting talented Ambassadors who want to learn to implement the program and teach others do the same.
“It took a serious illness, a near death experience, and two surgeries to help me understand that living my life of purpose, the life I was meant to live, is precious. A Healthy Wealthy WOW! life is where you are healthy enough and wealthy enough to have the freedom to focus on pursuing your unique purpose and passion in life.  Living a WOW! life is living a life where you get to do what only you can do to make the world a better place. My second chance at living means I will be giving back what I learned to help others in a Healthy Wealthy WOW! way.”
The goal of the Healthy Wealthy WOW! program is to help families have improved health habits and increased wealth – enough to live their WOW! lives and give back by helping others do the same.  In the program, Kim’s Champions, who are already living their WOW! lives, will mentor the Healthy Wealthy WOW! living strategies – Mindset, Skillset, Toolset – in a structure of weekly training, 5 minute daily calls, and simple action steps. This program evolved to help Kim and is now available to help others get to a place where they can also live their WOW! life.
The Healthy Wealthy WOW! program is calling for Ambassadors who want to learn to implement the program and teach others do the same. Ambassadors will apply online at www.healthywealthywow.com.
“We are selecting Ambassadors who already know their life purpose, and believe in the power of living a healthy life, to join us in the cause of helping others to have the health and wealth freedom to truly live their purpose, or their WOW! life,” said Karie Powell, Healthy Wealthy WOW! Champion and President. 
There is no cost for the online Healthy Wealthy WOW! program which includes weekly training from Champions, 5 minute daily mindset calls, and weekly action steps. There is an option to purchase the WOW! products and/or distribution rights to the products that are shared in the program.  Learning all components of the program is essential in the mission of the Ambassador stewardship which is to help others learn to live HEALTHY and WEALTHY so each has the freedom to live their WOW! life and give back.  
About “Healthy Wealthy WOW!” book and author:  Kim Power Stilson, 51, SiriusXM Talk Radio host, university professor, and mother of 3, was diagnosed with a serious illness. In the book, she wasn’t sure what her options were until a “Healthy Wealthy WOW!” tree mysteriously arrived on her doorstep. With the help of friends and experts Kim calls her “Champions,” the tree sends her on a quest to learn to live a WOW! life. The fast-paced, shocking, and magical story shares how the tree unfolded branches and buds that sent her on a quest to find not only solutions to her illness but also solutions for living a life with purpose. The story shares how the quest, through major changes in healthy living habits like mindset, skillset, and toolset, expanded her courage, supported her immune system, took her from a size 12 to a size 2, helped feed her family, and helped pay her medical bills through the wealthy habit of sharing these solutions. She came back from a near-death experience to share these solutions and to live her WOW! life.   For more information visit www.healthywealthywow.com

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