Thursday, June 16, 2016

Healthy Habits: Show Your Love

Today The National Preconception Health and Health Care Initiative (PCHHC), a public-private partnership of over 70 organizations working to promote preconception wellness and life planning, launched Show Your Love, the first national consumer preconception web resource and social media campaign. Show Your Love encourages young adults to show love to themselves, their loved ones and future families by educating themselves about optimal preconception health practices, the practical health care resources and tools available and how they can take an active role in achieving their health and life goals through daily deliberate decisions.
The new resource center,, is a clinically-reviewed hub for overall health improvement. The entire resource features one-click, easily-sharable facts, multimedia and resources that encourage positive daily choices before pregnancy. The site highlights physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health topics, as well as tools to help young adults take strides to achieve educational, financial, family and life goals. The Wellness Visit section includes resources to help consumers better understand how to access health care, what to expect before, during and after a clinic visit, and how to make the most of health provider face-time.
In working towards a more diverse, gender-inclusive, holistic health approach, PCHHC funded 14 organizations to message test, expand, and diversify preconception and campaign messages and educational materials. New products, messages, and program outcomes will be available late-fall 2016.
As part of the Show Your Love social media campaign, PCHHC is recruiting Show Your Love Ambassadors:
young adults ages 18-30 who will help model and promote healthy behaviors and life choices online and in their communities. Ambassadors will receive Show Your Love branded gear, share their health journey on their social channels, and be prominently featured on the Show Your Love and partner platforms. Volunteer or make an Ambassador nomination here.

About Show Your Love
Show Your Love, the first national consumer preconception health resource and social campaign, encourages young adults of reproductive age to show love to themselves, their loved ones, and future families by taking control of their health and wellness and becoming educated about optimal preconception health practices and accessibility to care.
Show Your Love is led by the consumer workgroup of the National Preconception Health and Health Care Initiative (PCHHC). Show Your Love Today is currently funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation with assistance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. | Follow us on Twitter (@SYL_Today) | Join us on Facebook (
The National Preconception Health and Health Care (PCHHC) is a public-private partnership of over 70 organizations focused on improving the health of young women and men and any children they may choose to have. The Initiative is comprised of five workgroups: Consumer, Clinical, Policy & Finance, Surveillance & Data, and Public Health.
PCHHC Initiative’s vision is that “all women and men of reproductive age will achieve optimal health and wellness, fostering a healthy life course for them and any children they may have.”
PCHHC is coordinated by the Center for Maternal and Infant Health is housed within the School of Medicine at UNC at Chapel Hill with a mission to optimize the health and wellbeing of women and infants. As part of their mission UNC CMIH faculty provide leadership at a state, regional and national level across a variety of initiatives including maternal safety, breastfeeding, perinatal regionalization, recurring preterm birth prevention, postpartum wellness and health equity. PCHHC is partially funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. | Follow us on Twitter  (@PCHHC) | Connect with us on LinkedIn

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