Monday, June 6, 2016

Parenting Pointers: Smart Ideas For Organizing Your Kitchen

Are you a struggling kitchen organizer with simply too little space and too much “stuff” that simply does not seem to fit? We would love to share some smart ideas for organizing your kitchen, in making your space more attractive and work friendly. A cluttered kitchen is worse than any other space in a house or apartment and it seems that the smaller the kitchen the more difficult it seems to organize. An advantage, a small kitchen has above its larger counterpart is the coziness that lacks, but what lacks even more that the cozy advantage is the storage space.
Keeping in mind that you might not have much of a budget, we keep it simple and hardly any money spent in creating a better environment.
One of the top creative ideas we have seen and love to share is a kitchen drawer, for example the cutlery drawer with a built-in cutting board. Keeping it small, simple and effective the cutting board only takes up space at the top end of the drawer with enough space to take out and put back the cutlery. Underneath the board, you still have space to keep one hand to avoid spilling of cuttings or crumbs when wiping clean the board.
Every man, woman and chef know that one of the worst nightmares in any kitchen, regardless of size is keeping Tupperware containers’ lids tidy and organized. Very few people have not experienced the dread of having far too many containers than lids and vice versa, however these lid organizing tips are the best ever seen. Using large containers for lids and keeping lids color-coded or according to size is a great idea when you have enough space, and even drying rack are great to use for lids too. The best idea for organizing lids however, is behind the doors of cabinets, which are always such a waste of space. It is ingenious by either buying a hanging wall organizer or making your own according with material to individual needs and cabinet sizes.
Another smart idea and great space saves is to hang pots and pans from hooks in the corners, which are otherwise not utilized and even against the wall it could be an attractive vocal point while still organizing a kitchen beautifully.
A great innovative idea is a rolling cart, in any material, from steel, to wood or heavy plastic. This is very multifunctional as you can transport food dishes from the kitchen to the dining room when you have guests and at other times act as storage space and make sure it has a flat top for extra space to prepare food.
There is a saying, which rings, very true when you repeat it to yourself, “a kitchen is great when it is organized”. One of the best ways to hold kitchen utensils that usually require a drawer such as your kitchen scissors, spatulas, whisk, wooden spoons and such, is a jug. You have to store the jug and more often than not would it simply have a space in your cabinet. Why not put it on display or wherever you decide to place it and fill it.
Introducing baskets in your cabinets and even drawers are another innovative way to utilize space and make your kitchen organized and easy to work in. you often have shelves, which are large for larger containers, pots, etc. however, you do not often have such large pots or bowls and adding additional containers is very much like adding additional shelving spaces and compartments. You can do this for under counter cabinets as well as wall shelving with baskets.

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