Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Taking Care of Your Home As a New Mom

If you are a new mom, then there isn’t much time to take care of your home between feeding your baby and changing their diapers. There are other ways to take care of your home as a new mom to make it easier to spend more time with a baby.
One: Clear Out Clutter in a Home
One of the best things that you can do as a new parent is clearing out the clutter inside a home. Your possessions collect dust and require frequent dusting. In addition, you might need to move things around in order to vacuum carpets or mop floors. If you are not ready to get rid of things such as figurines, books and clothing, then store the items in plastic totes or cardboard boxes to make caring for a home easier.
Two: Schedule Home Care Tasks
As a new parent, you don’t have much time to clean or make repairs to a home, and to make these tasks easier, create a schedule of daily and weekly tasks. You might want to wash all the dirty dishes in a kitchen right after lunch while your baby takes a nap or vacuum carpets early in the morning while your child plays in their playpen. Schedule your weekly tasks such as mopping a kitchen floor on a Saturday morning before running errands so that tiles can dry while you are away.
Three: Have the Right Cleaning Equipment and Cleansers
Now is a good time to buy safety latches for a cabinet in your home to keep cleansers out of a child’s reach. Make sure to buy the right type of cleansers and tools to care for your home to make the job simpler. Keep a roll of paper towels or soft cloths near the cleaning supplies in order to remove food spills quickly. Learn how to mix your own cleansers from products such as white vinegar rather than using bleach or ammonia. Buy quality equipment such as a high-particulate arrestance vacuum cleaner and a durable sponge mop.
Four: Maintain a Home’s Climate-Control Equipment
Once a month, plan to inspect and clean your home’s furnace or air conditioner to keep a building warm or cool. Turn off the climate-control device before removing its cover to dust the components and change the air filter. You can buy inexpensive air filters or more expensive filters that capture smaller particles of household dust. By changing a filter frequently, it helps to keep an air conditioner or furnace in better condition along with keeping a home cleaner. A bonus is that you will feel better because a home is the correct temperature and has an improved air quality.
Five: Repair Small Problems Quickly
If there are small problems inside a home such as a slowly leaking pipe underneath a sink, then make sure to have it repaired immediately rather than waiting until it bursts. Fixing things right away can prevent secondary damages such as mold growth or insulation damage. Additional problems to look for in a home include noticing flickering lights that indicate there is an electrical problem or mildew odor that indicates a roof is leaking. Don’t forget to go outside a home to look for problems that can affect its exterior or damage its interior. If you are worried about sudden expenses, consider a home warranty, which allows you to insure your appliances and keep expenses consistent. When a furnace or air conditioner stops working, you can call an approved repairperson to fix the item and there is only a small service fee rather than a huge expense that is outside your family’s budget.
Six: Hire Cleaning Experts to Help You
A new mom can hire experts to help with cleaning chores such as shampooing wall-to-wall carpets or upholstered furniture. It is also possible to hire maids who will complete basic cleaning tasks such as dusting furniture or mopping floors. If your home’s kitchen or bathroom is a disaster, then consider hiring a professional cleaning service to sanitize the fixtures and countertops. You can also hire an expert for specialty cleaning tasks such as washing walls or cleaning the grout between floor tiles.

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