Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Book Nook: War & Warm Fuzzies

War and warm fuzzies don't exactly go together, and that's exactly the point of a new book by Richard P. Matthews, War & Warm Fuzzies (I recently got to review the ebook). It has a message that really seems obvious, but unfortunately isn't played out in the world around us.

Two best friends are torn apart by a senseless war that's caused by ethnic hatred (sounds like the root of so many conflicts nowadays). The country is deceived by a Wicked Witch, and the only way to stop is to spread Warm Fuzzies all over the land.

It's a simplistic message, but one that really needs to be repeated and emphasized until people truly live by it.

Richard P. Matthews is a spiritual teacher who has devoted his life to bringing others to their Spiritual Centers and the 'Great I Am' within.  Richard has been meditating since he was sixteen and practicing yoga since he was twenty-one.  He travels throughout the US and Europe doing storytelling, meditation workshops, and starting new meditation groups.

Matthews did his graduate work in theatre at Northwestern University and the University of Utah.  His professional theatre credentials include acting, directing, playwriting and screenwriting.  He is a recipient of the Sam S. Schubert Playwriting Fellowship award for his play "Hosea.”
Richard is published in Swedish and English and is the author of A NEW CURTAIN OPENS, STORIES FOR YOUR SPIRIT (4 volumes) and many published articles.  For more, please visit the website:

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