Friday, July 15, 2016

Book Nook: When Penny Met POTUS

I recently had a chance to review When Penny Met POTUS, a cute little book about a girl whose mother works for the POTUS and Penny doesn't quite know what that means. She imagines it's a monster doing all sorts of official stuff, and is quite surprised when she finds out just what the POTUS is.

It's a fun book that makes it really simple to explain to kids what POTUS stands for, as well as help them feel ok for not really knowing what it means. The book is completely non-partisan, with the POTUS looking different from any previous actual president - but still enjoying ice cream, as I'm sure many presidents have!

Ruiz was inspired to write her book after spending most of 2012 working on President Obama’s re-election campaign. “After long days at the office, I would rush home to my inquisitive three year old daughter, who often showered me with questions like, ‘Did you see the President today?  What did he have for lunch?  Is he allergic to peanut butter?,’ and on and on,” said Ruiz. “When my daughter met President Obama at a campaign rally the weekend before the election, the brief but oh-so-memorable exchange between POTUS and the 3-year old was the exact moment when the idea for this book took hold.”

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