Monday, July 11, 2016

Caring Causes: Third Kind

 Third Kind™ was created by Chad Sandiford, a true skateboarder with a passion to save lives one Third Kind™ light at a time. In 2006, tragedy struck when a dear friend of Sandiford was killed by a car on his way home. Due to the veil of night, the driver had no idea he had even hit someone until days later when he saw the local news report a hit and run. The event resonated with Sandiford deeply. To prevent anymore tragedies like this from happening, Sandiford set out to create a powerful light that would easily mount to any skateboard. Since then, he has made it his ultimate goal to continue to give his customers high quality lights that are fun and mesmerizing yet versatile and designed with your life in mind. In addition a portion of each sale will go to the affiliated charity of the customers choice. 
(Current charities: Matt Gray Memorial Scholarship fund, Grind for Life, Longboard4Change)
Third Kind™ skateboard lights do not affect your board’s performance whatsoever and include the following fabulous features:

• Versatile and handy– Not only is it great for skateboards, bikes and strollers, Third Kind™ also offers a variety of different kits for any activity and use around your home, on your boat or for a camping trip.
• Compact and lightweight – Third Kind™is half the size of a dollar bill and half the weight of most cell phones; making it easy to throw in your pocket or purse. Measurements: 80mm L x 73mm W x 22mm H” 3.4 oz
• Micro USB Rechargeable –Battery is water and impact resistant and can last 10+ hours per charge.
• Super bright, super cool – Each and every kit includes red, blue, green, white, pink, gold, purple (blacklight) and party mode! 
• Be seen, be safe –Endorsed by law enforcement, Third Kind™ has saved lives with its meticulously designed lights that can be seen a mile away!

Third Kind™ retails for $49.95 at

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