Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Consumer Critique: Upton's Naturals

Did you know that 55% of Americans planning to eat more plant-based foods this year? It can be hard to find good-tasting, high-quality plant-based foods, especially if your family is used to things tasting a certain way.

Upton’s Naturals’ new vegan Classic Burger is crafted to have a meat-like texture, seasoned to mimic a traditional burger patty with hickory smoke, black pepper, sea salt, garlic, paprika, oregano, marjoram, and apple cider vinegar. The patty is wheat-based, with vital wheat gluten, eggplant and tofu. What I love about this patty, which I got a chance to review, is that it's free of artificial ingredients and GMOs. It's healthy - 22 grams of protein with only 5g fat, no trans fat and no cholesterol. My girls were happy to eat these burgers, and even my husband was willing to  try them again - a big compliment from a big-time meat eater! The combination of spices was pretty similar to what I use when I make burgers, and is savory without being too strong for the non-adventurous.

Their products are available throughout the Midwest; click HERE for a store locator. In addition, Chicago residents can enjoy the burger at Upton’s Breakroom. Visit and find @UptonsNaturals and @UptonsBreakroom on social media.

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