Monday, July 18, 2016

Enriching Education: Story Monsters Ink

Dav Pilkey is considered one of the most popular authors for elementary-age readers, but some critics and parents would rather see his books pulled from the shelves than read by children. Pilkey, who knows what it’s like to struggle academically, has a simple goal for his writing: to capture the interest of kids who rarely get excited about reading a book. Mission accomplished, as evidenced by the 70 million copies of his books sold to date, and we think he is a literacy superhero.

The Tom Gates series has been published in 43 languages and in 30 countries, and with their bold illustrations and varied use of fonts, the books have a special appeal for children with dyslexia. Welcome to the brilliant world of children’s author and illustrator Liz Pichon.

Also in this issue, we meet Katy Hobgood Ray, who inspires a love of music in the young members of her Confetti Park Players children’s chorus, and Linda Dennis, founder of the Team Backpack Journalists program, whose mission is to help at-risk kids experience the thrill of real-world reporting on newsworthy people and events and share their work with a global audience.

Our special contributors are Charles G. Hanna, who shares a unique perspective on parenting for anyone who is trying to help a child face a difficult decision, and Sheila Rowe, who arrived in her sixth grade classroom five years ago and saw students who desperately needed a creative outlet. She came up with a wonderful way to align her students’ creativity with rigorous Common Core expectations, and the Young Authors Project emerged.

Teachers and Parents! Submit your students' written works - such as drawings, poems, articles, short stories, book reviews, etc. to us and we may print it in an upcoming issue. Visit for submission instructions.

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