Tuesday, July 12, 2016

PSA: Stop the Violence Safety Video for Getting Pulled Over

Country music artist, multi-faceted entertainer,  bi-racial Texas native, and motivational speaker Cofféy Anderson has been captivating crowds for over two decades with his original country music, infectious personality, family friendly videos and performances but his latest video is drawing attention and reaction from the masses. The video, 'Stop The Violence Safety Video' is highlighting the proper protocol to follow when pulled over by a police.  
In the wake of Philando Castile’s death, Anderson was moved to create something unifying for America. Anderson and a couple buddies agreed that at the end of the day, it’s most important for everyone to get home safe. Their goal with the video is to educate the public on protocols to follow when pulled over by an officer and it has huge potential to save lives. Anderson’s dad, a white correctional officer in Texas, taught him at a young age these necessary skills to use when interacting with police officers to live in a world where prejudices exist.
Although, this video is straight forward and serious, Anderson thrives on creating content, experiences, and music that are captivating, charismatic and positive.
About Coffey Anderson 
Coffey is a native of Bangs, Texas and has been singing and entertaining since his college days. He released his album THIS IS ME in January and it was included on the iTunes Top Country New releases. Purchase THIS IS ME here
Anderson is the official spokesperson for Heroic Red and Valiant White wine. For each bottle of wine sold, Leer Vineyards donates $1.00 to secure a tax free and mortgage free home for a wounded warrior. They’ve presented four soldiers with homes so far. Coffey’s song “Mr. Red, White and Blue” is the official theme song and it has garnered over four million views on Facebook. For more information, visit www.heroicred.com. www.iCoffey.com 

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