Thursday, August 4, 2016

Amazing Apps: Pregnancy Power

Pregnancy and being pregnant can be overwhelming, especially for first time pregnancies. Everyone is quick to offer advice and/or are quick to turn to the internet, which can be very scary as there is a lot of misleading information that often times causes more fear than good. 
There is now a new instructional pregnancy app for iPhones, Pregnancy Power – this app presents a simple, interactive and fun way to learn about your pregnancy.  Pregnancy Power offers a unique question and answer format that goes step by step through the maze of prenatal care. It is on the ONLY app available with this distinctive system for learning about your pregnancy.  The tools you need are at your fingertips!  Pregnancy Power App allows the user to easily track their pregnancy progress, post pictures, write notes and most importantly, allow the user to feel the POWER of the PREGNANCY filled with knowledge.

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