Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Book Nook: Smell the Raindrops

Segregation is a painful period in our nation's history. Bethany Ann had a wonderful experience during this time period, however, growing up with a particularly progressive wealthy white family in the South. Her black nanny Karine, became exceptionally close throughout her life.

The book Smell the Raindrops: One young woman's journey through life, love and recovery chronicles what Karine meant to her, and how her relationship impacted her whole life. It shows where the racial climate was, and what it meant to be someone who questioned segregation in small ways.

It was a well-written book, seemingly autobiographical, based on actual feelings of the time period, with a compelling, believable story that serves to help the reader examine their own feelings toward racial diversity and the history of relationships between different groups of people.

B. A. Austin is an independent art history lecturer with a Bachelor of Arts from Bowdoin College and a Master of Arts from the University of Memphis. Austin created this memoir-style work of fiction based on her own experiences across the country, infusing each page with a deep sense of place and time. It is a journey across America, across several generations, bringing readers intimately close to day-to-day events that shaped our history.

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