Friday, August 26, 2016

Caring Causes: Camfed

For the friend that needs for nothing, the perfect gift could be to provide everything for someone who has nothing.
Camfed, the Campaign for Female Education, is an international nonprofit that can take a $240 donation (or $20/month for a year) and turn it into an entire year of schooling and support for a poverty-stricken teenage girl in rural Africa.
Camfed doesn't only provide these girls with the school fees and the physical supplies they need, such as books, uniforms and feminine hygiene products, Camfed also creates a virtuous cycle of success surrounding these girls with psychosocial support from their parents, teachers, and even local government. The organization provides multiple post-graduation opportunities such as an extensive alumni program and easy access to business loans, and for every 1 girl that receives an education, she goes on to support the education of 2-4 more girls.
You can learn a bit more at, and, here are a few facts and numbers:
  • Camfed has already supported 1.6 millions girls through school since 1993, and they've improved the learning environment for 4 million children.
  • Camfed's alumni organization, called CAMA, has 55,358 members, the largest network of its kind in Africa.
  • An educated girl is extremely less likely to give birth to multiple children, directly effecting global population on a scale of 2 billion people by 2045, and over 5 billion by 2100 (in relation to Africa's high birth rate).
  • Camfed's President and Founder, Ann Cotton, shared the spotlight with President Obama, VP Joe Biden, The First Lady and Oprah at this year's The United State of Women Summit in D.C. to share her expertise in how we can create a more equal world.
  • Actress Emma Watson supports Camfed (reference via Twitter and Facebook)

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