Friday, August 26, 2016

Consumer Critique: Salt for Life

Salt is a great way to add flavor to a lot of meals. Many dishes taste flat without it (although I think some things taste good without it, like plain popcorn, but most people disagree). It is something that is necessary for life, but too much salt can affect blood pressure, which can have an effect on kidneys, brain, and circulatory system.

Salt for Life was developed to be a healthier alternative to salt. It contains potassium salt, another vital nutrient, and has 75% less sodium than regular salt (people with certain kidney conditions should still be careful because of the potassium content). I couldn't tell the difference in recipes, and although I don't typically salt things at the table, my family members who do didn't use any more of this than they typically would use of regular salt. It works in recipes or directly on food.

They have a variety of great back-to-school recipes to share as well, including those below:
·         Bring back an all-time favorite dish and make Sloppy Joes, the quintessential childhood dish everyone enjoys. Salt for Life helps you lower the sodium without compromising the taste.
·         Why order pizza when you can prepare a healthier one at home and make it a fun after-school family activity.  The following pizza sauce recipe gives you the perfect excuse to involve the little ones in the kitchen and come up with innovative and creative creations.  
·         A job well done at school deserves a post-dinner treat. The Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.  

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