Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Soul Sustenance: Seize the Day

I recently had a chance to review Seize the Day by Joyce Meyer. I've read her books before, and I'm always delighted to read the positive attitude with which she writes - I always feel better after having read a chapter in her books.

This book is no different. It talks about how we can "seize the day" even in the mundane, boring, small, seemingly unimportant tasks of life. By being purposeful in all we do, we can make each moment count, no matter what ends up on our plate.

The Bible-based principles, along with real-life stories, help make the book real, accessible, and convincing. By letting God direct our life, our choices, and our attitudes, we can relish blessings and happiness from Him - not always because we necessarily get more, but because we feel like we do when we're resting in His goodness.

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