Friday, September 23, 2016

Book Nook: Chase the Lion

I recently had a chance to review Mark Batterson's new book, Chase the Lion - If Your Dream Doesn't Scare You, It's Too Small. It's a book about making bold, ambitious goals to create great change in your life.

I like the idea behind throwing yourself into a huge goal. Baby steps are good, but sometimes we get so caught up into minute changes that we don't really have a vision for the big changes we want to make, or the amazing things we want to do. Instead of fearing failure and setting our goals too small so that they're easily attainable, Mark challenges readers to embrace failure as a way to reflect and then push forward.

It was an inspiring book. I think there's a place for both big scary goals and small steps, and this is a book that will challenge readers to include those amazing visions for life change.

Read the first chapter on his website to get a taste of the book!

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