Friday, September 23, 2016

Book Nook: The Identity of AngiArts

I recently had the chance to review a rather unique book, The Identity of AngiArts, a book that wants to encourage kids in middle grades to become creative thinkers. It comes at a time when many arts programs are unfortunately being minimized, despite the fact that schools with strong arts programs typically have higher-achieving students.

The book is a modern-day comic-book-style fantasy, focused around an art enthusiast who can travel through time and shares joy and peace through the arts. It's an interesting concept for a book, with very creative illustrations and a good message for kids.

Angi Perretti is an author, costume designer and an instrumental participant in promoting the city of Orlando to a world-class arts community. She is the founder of “Walking~Works~of~Art,” a philanthropy for the arts, and has previously published two other books: “The Chronicles of Angi Perretti” and “Swans of the World Habitats.” Perretti has three children and five grandchildren and hopes to inspire their awareness for reading and literary culture.

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