Friday, September 2, 2016

Consumer Critique: My Phone Pocket

As kids head back to school, it's a good time for everyone - parent, child, young adult, older adult - to think about getting organized. One accessory many people have with them at all times now is a phone. MyPhonePocket wants to make it easy to use phones to help keep people organized. This inexpensive phone pocket - just $12.95 - comes in over 200 designs, and is also personalizable, to match your phone, favorite shoes, or personality. It's big enough to hold several important cards, so you don't have to bring a separate wallet or purse for just the essentials. 

It attaches easily and securely. I had a chance to review one, and once I stuck it on, it didn't slip around - but I could still pull it off if I wanted to switch to a different pocket or phone. The stretchy lycra will even stretch enough to hold earbuds, but holds them securely so they don't get as tangled as they would in a pocket or bag. The slim line means that it didn't really add bulk when I did slip it into a bag or organizer, but it was great for running to be able to carry ID and a house key without worrying about it falling out of a pocket.

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