Friday, September 2, 2016

Parenting Pointers: Parenting – Stages of grief and glee

In this competitive environment, each parent is responsible to construct a strong character foundation for their child’s growth. Parents are our first teachers who teach the basic lessons of life and make us to taste tremendous success in life. We take our first footsteps by holding the hands of our beloved parents. Whenever reactions poured in from all over world against us, only a lovable parent can empower us with the encouraging sign of love.

Parenting starts off when the first sign of life developed in mother’s uterus. Through feeding, a mother spreads not only the sweetness of love but also her emotions and cultural values. The social status of the family influences the character formation of a child. The resources and opportunities available to a child depend on the social class of family. Emotional climate in the home has an incredible role in the intellectual as well as the skill development of the child. Parenting style varies from culture to culture and the method adopted to rear the child is completely different. We can see involved parenting and uninvolved parenting. Uninvolved parenting is a threat to the child. 

We live in a different era now and it is truly under control of technology. Technology restricts the opportunity for useful personal interaction and it increases the communication gap. In this busy schedule, parents have not enough time for listen to their child. To overcome the loneliness, our kids prefer technology for entertainment. The over impact of web deviate our children’s thoughts to immoral activities like religious fanaticism, drug addiction etc. Remember that, children are the most vulnerable sections of society. Beware of this growing network and protect our children before they are getting webbed. No matter how busy we are, spend time to hear what our children need to share with us. The neglectful style of parenting affects their studies. They suffer a lot in academic performance and social competence.

Let us touch upon few more things in addition to what we had discussed before. Parents with good parenting skills are promoting their child’s education and encourage their risk handling ability.  A responsible parent should take of empowering the child through education to achieve potential. We should teach our children how to deal with critical conditions in life. These lovable parents inject the power to take the challenge of saving family. There are no words to say the involvement of a parent to convert the child to a social animal. It is important for children everywhere to learn how men are treated in our society. Tell inspiring and motivating stories to the children and reminds them how courageous and strong individuals are around the world. Never let the child to judge other people by external things. Realize the kid’s strong and weak points and give proper attention for their skill development. Enhance their skill to observe people and make situations to distinguish good and bad. Help our child to set up realistic, specific, measurable and time bound objectives.

Educate our child that the small failures would not be a matter of concern if we can touch the sky of success. The worth lessons that we have learned from childhood always keep us in a safest track.


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