Friday, September 2, 2016

Shopping Savings: Gazelle's iPhone Price Lock

With Apple making announcements in just a few days, many consumers are looking for the best way to get rid of old phones so they can upgrade to the newest tech. is offering an extended price lock on ANY phone between August 30 – September 7! Simply visit during that time to lock-in an even higher price for your phone – up to $325! Plus, you won’t have to send the old phone in until October 14, so there is plenty of time to upgrade and transfer everything.

Gazelle ecoATM offers easy-to-find kiosks all over the country that offer you instant cash for your old gadgets. Simply plug in an old smartphone into the machine and receive up to $300 for it right from the dispenser!

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  1. I am just in the midst of spring cleaning (I am trying the joy of tidying up method) but have the unfortunate reality of my husband having recently lost his job, so our old electronics need to fetch us a bit of cash. I will check out the sites you recommended… haven’t heard of several of them, like uSell. I was actually considering using a company called Orchard and I’m wondering if anyone else has had experience with this service? They’re at