Friday, September 2, 2016

Website Spotlight: SmartFeed

From iPods, tablets and computers, to phones, video games and digital toys…..staying on top of the media their kids watch and play is a major daily challenge for parents. Kids end up spending many mindless hours in front of screens and in an instant can be exposed to content you wished they hadn’t seen. What if screen time could instead be spent watching inspiring, high quality content? That’s where SmartFeed comes in. SmartFeed helps parents find, collect, and share great media options.

You start by setting up profiles by child.  What are your child’s interests? Are there any values you’d like to reinforce for your family? What about academic areas your child needs to focus on? SmartFeed then searches through more than 16,000 apps, movies and TV shows that have been carefully tagged, and curated to come up with a customized set of recommendations for your family and for each child. You can view recommendations, sort and refine them and then you save what you like to your child’s library. So you will have loads of great media ready for your child to explore. And as their needs and interests change, you can adjust filters at any time to seek different recommendations. Sort your library by family and you’ll have appropriate choices that appeal to all ages. You can also rate and review what you’ve seen and share it with your network and learn about media that others are enjoying through your community feature.  SmartFeed makes navigating the world of kids digital media a whole lot easier, and it’s a free resource for you..

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