Friday, October 7, 2016

Amazing Apps: Speech Helpers for Presidential Hopefuls

As both Presidential hopefuls prep for Round 2 of the debates on Sunday, what apps and games should each of them download to avoid the mistakes of speeches past? Check out these fun suggestions from Storm8's Frozen Frenzy Mania.

HILLARY's Top Apps:

#1 Slangit
Hillary's dabbled in "dabbing", but was super awkward about it. If she really wants to reach millennials, The Slangit app translates entire slang phrases from the youths.

#2 Dust
Thanks to this app, which erases texts permanently from a server, Hillary won't ever have to live in fear of security breaches.  Now if only Anthony Weiner had known...

TRUMP's Must-Downloads:

#3 Head Space
This app provides guided meditation and mindfulness, something Trump could use to keep calm and stop fidgeting.

#4 FamilySearch
The next time Trump wants to doubt someone's heritage, a quick tap on this app is sure to fact check his claims.

#5 Personal Capital
With an empire to manage, this app can help Trump track how funds are spent…and whether he's staying on top of his taxes.

#6 Frozen Frenzy Mania
What's a better way for Trump to learn about global warming than by adventuring through the Tasty Tundra with Piper the Penguin and her adorable companion Rolo the Seal?

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