Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Book Nook: My Pancakes Taste Different Today

My Pancakes Taste Different Today (Amazon link, also available on Barnes & Noble and BookMasters)
is a book that helps kids realize how interconnected we are with our environment. I had a chance to review this book, which takes a look at a boy who loves to eat pancakes. One day he eats them the same way he does every morning, then goes out to play, and does a seemingly small action that has a huge impact on the water in the lake, which in turn affects the flour for his pancakes. Once he realizes what has happened, he tries to make it right.

I liked how this book got the message across clearly, but without preaching at kids. It's a big thing, too - kids often don't realize that small things like throwing trash on the ground or not recycling can have a huge collective effect, and this book makes that more personal.

You can view videos of the book being read on the book's Facebook page.

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