Friday, October 14, 2016

Music Minute: Vanessa Trien and the Jumping Monkeys - Wonderful You

I often call my younger daughter a little monkey, so I was delighted to be able to review Wonderful You by Vanessa Trien (recipient of three Parents Choice awards) and her band The Jumping Monkeys. It's an album designed to celebrate the listener and community - neighborhoods, friends, and family coming together for work or fun.

The album has an easy acoustic folk style, with melodies that are both sophisticated and child-friendly. The songs are catchy, but didn't really get stuck in my head like annoying ear worms. The tracks include other influences as well - reggae, pop, jazz, Western - but blend together to create a cohesive set. There's even a cover of All Together Now by the Beatles. It's a good, inspirational album for kids exploring relationships and the world around them.

Wonderful YOU will be available online at,, and iTunes.
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