Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pet Pointers: Food Safety

Did you know pet food often has to meet higher standards than human foods? 
Pet food can become contaminated in many different ways—from the raw materials themselves, to flavor enhancers, to the environment in the manufacturing facility. So what should buyers be on the lookout for when shopping for Fido? Natural Balance—the maker of premium-quality pet food—suggests looking out for the following: 

Toxins are commonly produced by molds that occur in cereal, grains, or added ingredients. Ensure your pet food is tested regularly and look for limited-ingredient or grain-free formulas.
Bacteria can develop when there is too much moisture and warmth in the processing or storage of your pet's foods. 
Chemicals can be added to pet foods when enhancing or handling pet food. Make sure to read the ingredients list and opt for pet foods without added dyes or chemicals.
Natural Balance is the only brand with an ISO-certified testing facility that checks for the nine most common contaminants across toxins, bacteria, and chemicals, before distribution to store shelves.
You can also check the safety lab results of every bag of Natural Balance pet food at:

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