Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thrifty Thinking: DIY Costume Ideas from Zulilly

According to a survey written by zulily, an online retailer obsessed with bringing customers special finds every day—all at incredible prices - it’s split nearly 50/50, among those who make their own Halloween costume (23%) and those who buy a Halloween costume (19%).


For those Halloween enthusiasts feeling crafty, Senior Lifestyle Editor at, Amy E. Goodman, shares easy, last minute costume ideas that you can make in a snap (or a snip)!


  • Odd Mom Out:  For a pop culture reference and a “punny” take on everyone’s favorite Bravo mom, iron on odd numbers to a shirt and draw arrows pointing away from the center = Odd Mom Out
  • Final Five: As a way to pay homage to the Olympics, why not create a winning group costume to wear with your besties?  Sport red, white and blue leotards with gold medals draped around your necks. Wear signature buns and high-ponytails to complete the look!
  • Sriracha – This costume is hot, hot, hot! Dress up all in red--the sexier the better--and add the rooster label to your midriff or as a hat. Don’t forget to carry a couple of bottles as props!
  • Baby Corn: For the little ones, cut out a corn-on-the-cob shape from yellow felt and attach it to your Baby Bjorn with the baby facing outwards. Write “butter” across the baby’s hat and your little ear o’ corn is ready!


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