Saturday, November 26, 2016

Benefits of Cubbie Lockers for Children

Keeping little ones organized is never an easy task, and when your child spends the day away from home at pre-school or kindergarten, the list of belongings can add up.  There may be outdoor wear, indoor shoes, a backpack and lunch box, all to keep safe and accessible throughout the day.  You’ve labeled your child’s clothing, bags and toys, but how can you ensure that these important items are stored together where they won’t get mixed up with those of other children, and possibly lost? Specialty lockers, designed for the pre-school or kindergarten setting, can help make sure that a favourite nap time toy can be found when it’s needed! 

Many daycares and classrooms install toddler or preschool cubby lockers in order to provide each child a safe place to store personal belongings.  They are scaled to size to allow easy reach of little hands, providing children the opportunity to manage their own belongings, encouraging responsibility and independence.  Ask the teacher if you can put a customized name tag or picture on your child’s cubby – maybe one she drew herself!  This will not only help your child identify her cubby, but also take pride in having her own special space.

Specialty cubby lockers are not just for the classroom.  They are available in a variety of designs that can help you organize your front hall, rec room or child’s bedroom.  You can choose a cubby wall locker that may be hung at any height, or a free-standing toddler or pre-school cubby.  Seat lockers are designed with an offset to provide a bench, with a convenient space beneath for shoes or boots.  Cubbies come in single or multiple sections; there are even revolving coat lockers to maximize use of space.

If you are considering a specialty cubby or preschool locker for your home or classroom, there are different features available to meet your specific needs:
    •    Coat hooks
    •    Upper backpack cubby
    •    Child’s bench
    •    Lower shoe cubby
    •    Solid wood, plywood or metal construction
    •    Lockable cubby
    •    Single or multiple sections
    •    Wall cubby or free-standing unit

Whatever you choose, adding child-friendly storage capacity can help keep any busy home or classroom organized.

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