Saturday, November 26, 2016

Book Nook: The Prayer of Protections

Joseph Prince’s brand new book THE PRAYER OF PROTECTION was recently released, and I got a chance to review it. While unveiling the Bible’s ultimate psalm of protection, Psalm 91, bestselling author Joseph Prince helps readers understand more about how God guards His children and offers keys and practical advice about the power of prayer. In these days of uncertainty, it’s comforting to know we have a place of protection we can always go to.
The description does venture a little bit into treating God like an ATM, almost sounding like it was promising tangible protection just for a certain prayer, when that's not exactly how God works. However, the book is more well-rounded, promising the spiritual protection and peace that God offers.

There's also a free 30-day prayer plan available to correlate with the book’s teaching. Check it out:

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