Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Caring Causes: Luca + Danni/Dana-Farber Cancer Research

Luca + Danni, a handcrafted America-made jewelry company, is donating 100% of proceeds of two exclusive bracelets to benefit Cancer Research through Dana-Farber. As a bit of background the founder of Luca + Danni lost his younger brother to Leukemia. His brother always dreamed of evolving their family jewelry business by starting their own brand. The older brother left his career on Wall Street and created Luca + Danni in his memory. This partnership with Dana-Farber (where his younger brother was treated) is a way for him to give back – and he hopes others will as well. 

Luca + Danni x Dana-Farber Butterfly and Teddy Bear Bangles; $28 online at; 100% of proceeds go to the cancer research and patient care.   

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