Monday, November 14, 2016

Parenting Pointers: Win or Lose: Lead Your Children by Example

By J.E. Laufer, author, educator

The election is FINALLY done, I thought we’d be glad
but it seems, a whole population is very sad!

So we picked our choice, Hillary or Trump, one of the two
It’s  finally over, so now… what should we do?

My children are asking what happened?  What’s next?
So I try to find them a book or some meaningful text.

What we take from this election is up to us
Our children will follow our lead, and our fuss

A candidate won, was this what was fated?
The other lost as the news has stated

It would have been nice to have the 1st women  win
But it just didn’t happen, so let’s not make this a sin.

Yes, a most unlikely candidate,  winning 1st place,
 against all odds, the surprise on your face!

Can we tell our children that losing with grace
Is as important as winning the race?!

Believe in yourself and the odds are on your side
Even if everyone tells you “NO”, far and wide.

Life is full of good times and bad
Sometime we’re happy, sometimes sad

So time to dust yourself off and get back in the game
Americans don’t leave or quit, that would be lame.

Trust that there is meaning in all that we do
You may not realize until later, but it’s really true

All over the country there is mixed reactions to this last election. Our children are looking to us, the adults to provide leadership and strength. Losing and winning are concepts that children can relate to.  How we handle disappointment?  How we handle being sensitive to others?  How we embrace those that don’t share our opinions?  How we speak respectfully to others? How we handle winning gracefully! Your children don’t learn these from the President of the United States-they learn them from you, their parents!
Judy Egett (J.E.) Laufer was a kindergarten teacher for over a decade and has always been inspired by the boundless imaginations of children. Her first picture book, Where Did Papa Go?, helps children who are grieving to cope with the loss of a loved one, and she’s the recipient of the World Society of Poets’ Golden Poet Award. Laufer believes that most often happiness is a choice, so young and old, we should try always go to bed with a smile and maybe you will wake up laughing. A mother, wife and active member of her local community, she currently resides in the Southwest. 
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