Friday, December 16, 2016

Amazing Apps: Helpr

Helpr eliminates the scrambles of last-minute babysitting searches andfinding qualified sitters, and is working with employers for more family-friendly work environments.

Highlights of Helpr

  • You’ll have a vetted babysitter to your door in as little as 3 hours (and up to 90 days in advance).
  • Helpr provides on-site babysitting for weddings, birthday parties, and other events so everyone can enjoy the day.
  • The app saves all of your favorite sitters in one place so you can easily book again.
  • Once your sitter is booked, you’ll receive a profile and video summarizing who they are and their childcare experience (you can even call your sitter beforehand to chat more).
  • Helpr offers employers a variety of childcare benefit programs for a more family-friendly work environment.
    • This includes sick day coverage, on-site daycare, school breaks, company conferences, and more.
  • All Helprs are CPR certified, have been interviewed in-person by Helpr staff, are background checked, are double referenced, and are even social media checked.
    • This eliminates the time and research of having to interview every new babysitter you may want to hire.
  • There are hundreds of sitters available through the app, with more coming onboard every day.
  • Helpr’s currently available in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Barbara, CA with plans to expand soon.

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