Friday, December 16, 2016

Amazing Apps: Mind Yeti

There's a new mindfulness app called Mind Yeti! It’s designed for elementary-aged kids and their adults, and just might be the secret weapon parents have been looking for to help calm the holiday chaos!
As you know, the holidays are upon us, which means kids are home for winter break and togetherness is the name of the game. Unfortunately, all that togetherness might lead to a meltdown (or three) – caused by activity overload, visitors galore and more than a few late nights! So what’s a parent to do? Mind Yeti, that’s what!
Mind Yeti is definitely an app that moms (and kids) will want/need this holiday season! We’ve put together “3 Ways to Get Through the Holidays with Mindfulness” and would love to share this information with your audience. These tips are research-based, easy to execute and designed to bring kids and their adults together. 
Things to know about Mind Yeti:
·       Mind Yeti is the first tool created for kids and their adults (including teachers) to do in tandem, so kids get a full-circle mindfulness experience that can be incorporated into their home life, as well as their school life.
·       Our content is research-based and was created by a collaboration of educators, developmental psychologists, researchers, and experts in the field of mindfulness in education. The content developers have decades of combined experience researching and developing children's programs for social-emotional learning (SEL) and mindfulness practice.
·       We launched Mind Yeti in May 2016 and thus far, over 20,000 parents, teachers, and counselors have used our sessions to help kids calm down, focus their attention, and get ready for whatever’s next.
·       Mind Yeti helps kids and adults do the following:
o   De-stress, relax, and calm down
o   Get more out of study time
o   Find common ground
o   Make bedtime a breeze

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