Thursday, December 15, 2016

Amazing Apps: Roadie

Roadie is an app-based shipping community that launched in the Southeast in January 2015, and became available in all 50 states in March 2015.
There’s always someone driving somewhere, especially around the holidays.  In fact, according to the US Dept of Transportation, 91 percent of all holiday travel happens by car and the average person travels 275 miles for Christmas. So even if you miss the traditional shipping deadlines, Roadie can deliver.
By tapping into the more than one billion square feet of excess capacity in passenger vehicles already on the road, Roadie is bringing disruptive innovation to the $90 billion shipping industry.  The service connects people with stuff to send with drivers heading in the right direction. Roadie’s model enables efficient, low cost delivery for senders and rewards drivers for trips they were already taking. It’s quickly becoming the go-to delivery solution for large, awkward or delicate items. From patio furniture to pets, Roadie makes ‘out-of-the box’ delivery as easy and convenient as ordering a pizza.
Roadie delivers what people need right to their door, same-day, next day, and even on weekends. Both the sender and receiver can track deliveries in real-time via smartphone and goods are automatic insurance up to $500 with the option to purchase additional coverage up to $10,000.
Pricing is determined by distance and urgency, in addition to size. Most local Gigs will cost between $8 and $50, and long distance Gigs with oversized items can cost up to $650 and even more for delivery of Pets. 
The Roadie app is available for download in the iTunes Store and on Google Play. To learn more about the world’s first neighbor-to-neighbor shipping network, visit

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