Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Amazing Apps: Saving Time this Holiday Season

When it comes to the Holiday Season, we can all agree that a happy holiday can often be wrapped up in hours of planning and a good deal of stress.  That is, until now.  Best-selling author Ari Meisel, creator of the groundbreaking Less DoingTM formula and co-founder of Leverage Inc., the leading Virtual Assistant (VA) enterprise, is breaking down the best time saving tools, including free apps and websites, to make your seemingly endless holiday to-do lists a little less time consuming. 
Time (& Money!) Saving Technology:  These user-friendly online tools are designed to keep you on budget and on time.
o   Operator – a new, personal way to shop.  Operator is a free app that will buy anything you want and even handle returns.  It will also connect shoppers to tastemakers and experts to help them find the products they love. (Great for finding the perfect gift!)
o   Wynd – this NYC-based app offers shipping made easy, and within hours.  Users simply upload items they need shipped and Wynd specialists will pick up the items and ship them.  They even help provide same-day shipping for any local stores
o   Get Service – a free service that handles all of your negative customer service complaints (No more waiting on hold for hours to resolve your issues!)
o   WinIt – for those times when you loose track of time while holiday shopping and the meter runs out, this free NYC-based app that will dispute your parking tickets for you, all you have to do is can your parking ticket to the app and let them do the work for you.
o   Papaya – bill paying is made easy with this free app that allows you take a photo of any paper bill and upload it to the app and Papaya will do the rest.
Still can’t find the time? 
Virtual Assistants can make holiday planning a piece of cake by checking off any and every item on your to-do list, including:
o   Planning Travel for family and loved ones coming to visit
o   Organizing Catering
o   Getting Gifts
o   Designing, Printing & Mailing Invitations
o   Organizing Events
The secret to a stress-free holiday is in knowing where to save - and there’s a plethora of online tools that can save you both time and money, not to mention aggravation.

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