Thursday, December 1, 2016

Amazing Apps: Simpliday

The importance of having your schedule, meetings and to-do’s in one place to reach all your organizational goals for the holidays and New Year can make or break the season!
If this topic interests you there is Simpliday, which can help organize one’s life and take away stress of getting things done. This newly launched iPhone app is an all-in-one calendar that simplifies planning for those with busy schedules, which become incredibly hectic around the holiday season…to allow them to do everything on their holiday list this year!
Simpliday app allows users to:
  • Manage all of their phone’s calendars and meetings in one app
  • Lists reminders side-by-side with their calendar
  • Assigns reminders with notes to others who may be attending the same family events, parties, etc.
  • Looks aesthetically appealing and beautiful, and not dull and boring to keep the holidays festive
Simpliday helps ease the stresses and helps balance busy schedules for anyone who is looking to simplify their busy calendars, nonstop emails, and to-dos. The app is currently free for iOS download here.

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