Friday, December 16, 2016

Book Nook: The 12 Joys of Christmas

It's a lot of fun to count down to Christmas - or remember the fun of Christmas right after the holiday. Both are appropriate ways to think about a new book I got to review, The 12 Joys of Christmas. This book, a charming take on the traditional song, has beautiful illustrations and a variety of images (cookies, ornaments, and more). It's a great gift for this time of year, appropriate for religious and non-religious families!

Author Thomas Seibold and Illustrator Sheri McCulley Seibold are the creative husband and wife team behind The 12 Joys of Christmas. Sheri is the founder and principal of Sheri McCulley Studio, a Kansas City-based design practice that develops original characters, patterns, and product concepts for a variety of manufacturers in numerous product categories. Thomas is a technology marketing specialist and manager of Sheri McCulley Studio. Each was inspired to create The 12 Joys of Christmas by their own fond and vivid childhood memories of the holiday season.
Learn more about The 12 Joys of Christmas and Sheri McCulley’s designs at
The 12 Joys of Christmas is available to purchase at Amazon and the Sheri McCulley Studio’s online book store.

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