Friday, December 2, 2016

Book Nook: Paper Holiday

Paper Holiday is the sixth book in the PaperMade series. It's really quite easy to use - each page has a distinct design that's pre-cut, scored, and beautifully illustrated. All that you have to do is punch out the ornaments and fold them up into 3D shapes that come with paper hooks to hang anywhere - a tree, a mantle, in an office or cubicle, or a dorm room or bedroom.
I love the unique way these are designed. No glue, tape, or tools are needed. My daughters had no problem getting them to look nice (they're seven and nine). They're a great craft project for the whole family to do! The paper is solid enough that with care, you can use the ornaments over and over, or simply recycle when you're done using them!

Not into holiday crafts? Check out their other titles, like Paper Ninja (I know I'm going to put that on my daughter's Christmas list right now).

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