Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Book Nook: Weregirl

Weregirl, a young adult novel I recently got to review, has a really unique storyline. A girl, out for a night time run to keep up with a teammate, gets bitten by a wolf, and starts changing into one. Meanwhile, she's trying to navigate high school relationships, earning a scholarship for college, and the puzzling scientific research company in town and its link to the checkups conducted on many of the town's children.

The book weaves together many elements - genetic modification and stem cell research, animal rights, wolves and relationships, environmental effects of chemical pollution, and more.

The book kept me turning pages to the end. There were new threads and facets of the story along the way. The only thing I wasn't thrilled with was the ending - it left too many loose ends not tied up. On the other hand, it provides the perfect opening into a potential sequel, which I would happily read!

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