Friday, December 9, 2016

Shopping savings: Goodshop

The best and easiest new way to save money while shopping online is a brand new browser app called Fetch by Goodshop.   It recognizes the site you're on and automatically searches its database of hundreds of thousands of coupons and deals and serves you up the best ones for that store.  So, let's just say you're going to buy a sweater from the Gap. Simply go to and Fetch will automatically provide you with a list of money saving offers.  It's that easy!  
And, there's another little something special here too -- if you want a percentage of what you spend to also go to a campaign you care about (eg: you child's college savings account, a local dog shelter, building a well for a community in the developing world etc..),  you can choose from a cause that is already listed or create one yourself at Goodshop Give.  Once you do that, the Fetch browser app will not only get you great deals, but will also turn your purchases into a way to give back!  To date, Goodshop Give has already raised more than $12 million for great causes and campaigns.

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