Thursday, January 19, 2017

Amazing Apps: Pregnancy Power

Dr. James Betoni, a high risk maternal fetal medicine doctor from Boise, ID and author of the workbook, Pregnancy Power, has now created the NEW iOS APP Pregnancy Power and his app is helping expecting mothers to easily answer questions and put their mind at ease over things that are going on with their baby and their ever growing body.   Pregnancy Power is one of very few apps that is created by a doctor. Users have found it to be extremely helpful for second and third trimester pregnancy and provides a plethora of information and questions throughout.  I had a chance to interview Dr. Betoni to learn more.

What was the inspiration behind the Pregnancy Power app? 
 It started with the book version but after having seeing most patients be glued to their phone during their visits I figured we should turn it into an APP. The main goal of the book and the app is to empower the patient with knowledge before/during and after their visits to the OBGYN during pregnancy mainly. ( it also can help with preconceptual planning)  
By giving information in the form of questions it forces the patient to think about the question and then see if they know the answer. If they don't, research has shown that active learning( ie looking up an answer) vs just reading much much more effective. 
How is it different from other pregnancy apps?     
Written by OBGYN providers and backed up by data from ACOG and SMFM( American College of OBGYNs; Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine)  all the correct answers are supported by current literature and evidence based.
Why can it be helpful to have a doctor-created app during pregnancy?  
Physicians and OB  providers in general (nurse practitioners, midwives etc) are well aware that we have limited time to answer questions and address issues so by asking the common questions (and answering them) on the app the patient compliments their experience and helps themselves out as well as their providers.

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