Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Caring Causes: B&G Martin Pet Beds

This Valentine’s Day spoil your canine companion with the B & G Martin luxury dog bed they deserve. Not only will it make them drool, these premium plush beds are made from the best (and sustainable) materials like animal-friendly faux leather and eco-friendly poly fill. Your pup won’t be able to keep their paws off these comfy cushions – and to top it all off they are easy to clean!

With Valentine’s Day and Spring just around the corner, B & G Martin’s fashionable, yet sturdy dog beds make the perfect gift for your special furry valentine, plus they’re built to last when Fido comes back inside for a nap from playing in the mud.

Here are some reasons B & G Martin dog beds are the paw-fect choice for your home:

  • Buy a bed, help a pup: Every time a dog bed is purchased, a pup in need will be spayed or neutered with the proceeds going toward the cause of reducing pet overpopulation worldwide. Each time an accessory, like fitted linen, is bought a pooch receives a crucial vaccine that prevents harmful diseases such as rabies or parvo. 
  • Fashion Forward: These luxury beds put the “wag” in swag and will fit perfectly into any home decor with its trendy design. 
  • Fetch-Tested and Approved: Made from durable materials, B & G Martin dog beds will be giving your pup comfort for years to come. 
  • Fur-ever Cruelty-Free: Not only are B & G Martin dog beds made from recycled materials, they are thoughtful of our furry friends. With a strict policy against using animal products, they make the promise to never use leather, wool, goose down or feathers, and fur. As a company, they deeply believe that no animal should suffer for the comfort of another.
Man’s best friend can enjoy B & G Martin dog bed at high-end hotels, including Five Star and Five Diamond Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills and several other pet-friendly establishments!

ABOUT B & G Martin
Founded in 2013 by Creative Director, Tamra Martin, B & G Martin was named after Tamra's two very special canine companions, Butch and Gus. Butch, her first dog as an adult, and Gus, a foster who became a part of the family, opened Tamra’s heart by showing her the incredible relationship that’s possible between people and dogs. B & G Martin specializes in providing eco-friendly, luxurious linens and beds for dogs as well as designing custom dog beds for high-end hotels such as the Five Star, Five Diamond Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. B & G Martin is passionate about reducing dog overpopulation and contributing to the well-being of dogs worldwide.

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