Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Healthy Habits: Curbing Night Time Munchies

By Heather Bauer, RD CDN

Everyone struggles with something different when it comes to diet. Life events like vacations and birthdays or behavioral weaknesses like emotional or mindless eating are the real road blocks to consistent healthy eating. There are so many of these so-called "diet devils", I even wrote a whole book about them!

One of the most common devils is late night eating. You know who you are! You struggle to stay out of the kitchen once dinner is done. I often prescribe The Turkey Solution - a trick I discovered myself to curb my own night time munchies. It goes something like this...

Keep three or four quarter-pound bags of sliced turkey (from the deli) in the fridge. Choose low-sodium turkey and avoid honey-roasted, smoked or spiced turkey. Each of these ¼ pound bags will have only about 150 calories. If you’re really, truly hungry, the turkey will satisfy you (and give you a tryptophan boost, which will help you sleep). But if you’re just munching for the sake of munching, after a few mouthfuls of turkey, you’ll call it quits. If you're a vegetarian, swap turkey for 6-7 ounces of Greek yogurt or single-serve unsweetened applesauce that's been frozen.

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