Thursday, February 2, 2017

Caring Causes: Hustle Humble

Successful entrepreneurs, Nikki and Kailynn, have been through the trials and tribulations that come with kicking off a new business and fully understand the importance of creating and visualizing goals for your business.

Having trouble getting inspiration for your business goals? That’s where Hustle Humble Box comes in. This ultimate tool is designed to help aspiring business leaders of all kinds shape their company, gain insight, and get tricks of the trade from leaders in the industry. Each month, get some motivation with new products, inspiring stories, tips, and constructive advice from accomplished entrepreneurs.

Start the year off on the right foot with Hustle Humble Box. As Nikki and Kailynn say, “It truly is about the special touches and ‘little things’ that communicate the ‘big things’.” So what are you waiting for? Get to work on your 2017 goals, big or small, for your business and let Hustle Humble Box inspire you along the way.
Hustle Humble believes the first step in becoming an entrepreneur is through education. For every box purchased Hustle Humble will donate a box of school supplies to children in need of assistance for their education requirements.

Created by two business savvy gals who have been through it all, founders Kailynn and Nikki created Hustle Humble as a way to empower other members of the “entrepreneur” community. With entrepreneurs asking them about how-to advice, they were inspired to help others thrive.
The two-fold name Hustle Humble has a significant meaning to this powerful duo. When they started their first company 13 years ago, they “hustled” around the clock to accomplish their goals. More than speed, it was about producing quality work. With the help of the Lord’s grace and guidance, they were able realize their dreams. Above all, these self-made women keep their ethics while remaining humble through all of their blessings. As of 2016 their expanding enterprise includes Chic Blvd, ChicBuds and ChicExecs. Through their monthly subscription box, Hustle Humble, these women are committed to helping and inspiring other entrepreneurs.

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