Thursday, February 9, 2017

Smart Safety: Construction

I recently had the chance to interview Patrick Tarrant, 40-year veteran of the construction industry and CEO of Crane Management, about construction safety.

For people who work in construction, what are some key safety tips that are sometimes overlooked?
  • Make sure you have the proper tools and equipment before you start any project.
  • Find out what other trades are working in your area and investigate the risks in their work as that will affect you.
  • Get contact information for the Site Safety professional who is on the job so he will respond to address unsafe conditions or practices.
  • Know the emergency escape routes and walk them every day before work to verify that no obstructions have been placed there.

What are some common dangers in construction? 

OSHA has identified the four top causes of accidents and has dubbed them the Focus Four.

"The leading causes of worker deaths on construction sites are referred to the as OSHA's Focus Four. They are falls, electrocution, struck by objects and caught in/ between."

How can immigration plans affect construction safety?

English is not the native language of a large percentage of immigrants in construction. Language barriers create a significant safety risk. There should be a job specific orientation class for non English speakers.

What do people who don't work in construction need to know?

There are great career opportunities in construction. The skills needed in construction do not lend themselves to automation and worker redundancy as other industries do. This creates greater job security. 

Patrick Tarrant is the founder and CEO of Crane Management, a consulting agency for construction companies in New York City.  A well-known industry professional with over 40 years experience, Tarrant is frequently hired as an expert witness in construction and safety cases. He is a Certified Hoist Operator, Master Rigger, AWS Welding Inspector, and is trained in all areas of crane operations (LBT, LBC, TLL, TSS, BTF, STC, & TWR)

An OSHA Authorized Safety Instructor, Tarrant is on a mission to keep the job site safe for workers.  

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