Saturday, February 4, 2017

Time Tidbits: De-Cluttering Your Home

Having issues sticking with your new year's resolutions? Try organizing your environment, first! A clutter-free home can help you free up some (physical and mental) space to help refocus your 2017.
CEO and founder, Sharone Ben-Harosh of the national moving company, FlatRate Moving— the most popular moving company in New York (with over 20,000 moves) has offered a few fun tips on how to help consumers during their decluttering missions.
  • Make a List - A very detailed list compartmentalized by room will help you stay focused and give you a sense of accomplishment as you begin to mark things off the list. Consider using large, multi-colored index cards to help you focus. By assigning each room a colored card, you can break your chores up into little, mini-lists, which is much more manageable. Once you have firmly established your list, you will know how to shop.
  • Go Shopping - Shopping is the fun part, especially with post-holiday sales. Of course, you will need sponges and an assortment of cleaning products, but also treat yourself to some new decorative items. Think of adding new throw pillows, wall hangings, or curtains to spruce up the room. Knowing you have these items in waiting will push you to keep going even when you are feeling defeated.
  • Organize - One of the biggest missteps to New Year's cleaning is being unprepared and then getting distracted. When you enter a space, come prepared. Bring a cleaning caddy full of all your favorite cleaning products, scrapers, gloves, and sponges. Also, bring a rolling garbage can that will allow you to move around easily in tight spots. Being prepared will help you avoid having to leave the space once you are there.
  • Get that Playlist Ready - Everyone knows a burden can turn to joy by simply elevating your mood. This can be done easily by having the right music. While you are cleaning, crank up the music and allow yourself to dance your way right into a sparkling, clean house. When you realize this is your time to simply be alone and reconnect with some of your favorite tunes, cleaning will not seem so daunting. Before long, you will find yourself enjoying the time you have to decompress and escape. 
  • Reward Yourself - Before you even commit to the task of 2017 cleaning, set aside a reward for yourself. It is a sign that you have faith in yourself to complete the task. This reward may look different for each person. Whether it is a glass of wine, a pedicure, a bubble bath, or a day at the spa, decide ahead of time that you will reach the goal you have set. Once you have, give yourself permission to indulge.

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