Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Book Nook: Dragonwatch - A Fablehaven Adventure

I'm a sucker for good fantasy fiction, especially anything that has to do with dragons, so I was happy to be asked to review Dragonwatch: A Fablehaven Adventure by Brandon Mull.

The book just hit shelves, perfect for Reading Awareness Month. The author's previous books were NYT bestsellers, selling over 3.5 million copies in a short period of time. I also love that he tries to encourage kids to read, and shares the fantasy genre as a tool for given kids the ability to explore complex issues.

Another think I liked is that, reading his backstory, he's encouraged to keep his content clean, so it's a book that I'd be more likely to allow my kids to read while they were still on the youngish side (still not too young, as the complexity of the story can make it hard to read).

I didn't read Fablehaven, but I was still able to enjoy the world of Dragonwatch. I wasn't disappointed by the book at all - it was quality writing, and it's easy to see why he's become a NYT bestseller. 

About Brandon Mull: 

Brandon Mull is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Fablehaven series and Beyonders series. He travels the country visiting schools, promoting literacy, and sharing his message that "Imagination Can Take You Places." He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his family.

Dragonwatch: A Fablehaven Adventure (Shadow Mountain Publishing) will be available from Amazon and other booksellers nationwide as of March 14, 2017.

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