Saturday, March 4, 2017

Book Nook: Rumorang

As parents, we know rumors are bad. Most kids know it too - but the effect of a rumor, or how quickly it can spread, doesn't always sink in. In the book I recently got to review, Rumorang, the author uses a diverse set of characters to demonstrate how quickly rumors can spread - and how easy it is for them to get twisted and mixed up.

Brown, who is the mother of two sons, works as an anti-bias trainer for teachers and students, believes in teaching children the importance of words. "Our words matter. When we make the mistake of talking about others and perpetuating rumors, it can be damaging to the person the rumors are about, the community, and even ourselves," Brown points out. "When we use words to stand up for ourselves and others, to say no when something is not okay and to speak the truth, our words can be powerful and not only change our lives but our world as well.”

The book is short enough to hold kids' attention, and clear enough to get the message across. Its use of humor helps keep the book from being too preachy, making it great to use with younger kids.

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