Saturday, March 25, 2017

Book Nook: The Sparks

I recently had a chance to review a book by Kyle Prue, an author who began his career while still in high school. He just re-released his first novel, The Sparks, with updated cover and additional content.

I liked the premise of the book. It starts the Feud Trilogy with three families who have superpowers that have been fighting for hundreds of years. One family can teleport and turn enemies to ash, one family can heal from any wound, and one family has skin of steel and super strength. After a long history where they only know conflict, a new power comes in, one that can change the way of life for everyone - superpowers and ordinary citizens.

There were things I liked about the book. For an author's first work, it was quite well developed. I enjoyed the relatively unique take on feuding families, and it would be appealing to young adult readers that the younger generation figures prominently in the story. I didn't always appreciate the author's use of language, but overall the story was fast-paced and engaging.

Prue is the Award Winning Author of The Sparks. During the books first launch, The Sparks won numerous national and international awards for Best YA Fiction including: state and national awards from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association, the Florida Book Festival, the New England Book Festival, Midwest Book Festival, Southern California Book Festival, and the International London Book Festival. 

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