Monday, March 13, 2017

Consumer Critique: Spice Mixes from BLND

It can be hard to know exactly how to cook with spices. Having a lot of individual spices is great if you really know what you're doing, but it can be challenging to know just how to combine them for great complex flavors.

I had.a chance to try out BLND spices from Kitchen Crafted, which take all the guesswork out of globally-inspired cooking. They sent me Love My Chai tea spice, Herbes de Provence French seasoning, Mumbai Masala Indian seasoning, and Italiana Cucina Indian seasoning.

We started with the Indian seasoning, since spaghetti is a favorite here. It was a good blend of spices, including some that I don't currently have on my spice rack, so it was great to try a new flavor. The Herbes de Provence worked well for us on fish, and I think it would be fine on a lot of other foods too. Mumbai Masala was not a hit for my younger daughters, mostly because it was new and they still aren't sure about new foods. I liked it though. The only one I wasn't sure about was the Chai - I'm not a fan of tea. However, it makes really good spice cake!

It was fun to try these blends, and I'll definitely keep using them!

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