Saturday, March 11, 2017

Consumer Critique: Theefun Plasma Ball

For my daughter's Christmas drawing at school, she received a plasma ball. Unfortunately, something was wrong and it didn't work - it wouldn't even turn on. I'm pretty sure it was a dollar store type of brand, because it took me forever to find it when I googled the brand, and we never did get it to work. So I was really excited when I was offered the chance to try out Theefun's Magic Plasma Ball.

It was great to see what we should have been able to see earlier this year. Theefun's seemed to have a sturdier construction than the other one. It also has multiple power inputs - USB or 4 AAA batteries - and a limited warranty (30-day money back, 12-month replacement).

Honestly, all we really cared about was the look. It's fun to play with, mesmerizing to watch. At first my younger daughter wasn't so sure about touching it, because it looked like it would shock her, but she gladly did so after we demonstrated a few times.

The description claims it does other things too - produce negative ions to reduce bacteria, neutralize particles in the air, activate oxygen and metabolism. Honestly, if those things really happen with a ball this size, wonderful. I just think it's a neat little desktop decoration that is fun to look at!

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